Take a sensory journey with a wonderful wine tasting in Cheltenham

Take a sensory journey with a wonderful wine tasting in Cheltenham

Wine tasting, which is classified as evaluating wine using a sensory examination, dates all the way back to the 14th century. There is a set of terms which has developed to allow experts to describe the various characteristics of different wines, but of course, you don’t need to be an expert in order to enjoy wine tasting!

As analytical as you want it to be, wine tasting offers the opportunity to take a sensory journey through several different wines in one sitting, comparing the various flavours, aromas and depth of tastes.

The golden age

The start of the most influential wine tasting, which shaped the activity and that of the wine business itself, came during The Renaissance period, when particular qualities and styles came to be more recognised, as opposed to the rather vinegary, in descript wines of the Middle Ages which are suggested to have been just about drinkable. Wine tasting had another resurgence in the 1800s, but it might be said that we are now truly living in the golden age of wine tasting, thanks to the sheer variety of wines now available from around the world, from more traditional wine growing nations, to new world vineyards.Wine tasting at the Montpellier Lodge

At Montpellier Lodge – a Cheltenham bar and restaurant situated in the corner of the beautiful Montpellier Gardens and within walking distance of Cheltenham Town Centre – we don’t have a heritage in wine tasting dating back as far as the Middle Ages, but we are confident of putting on the best wine tasting events in this part of Gloucestershire.The event will be held on 12th September at 7pm
Tickets are priced at £35 per person, including canapés.

The wine tasting itself will be given by Waistcoat Wines, a Cheltenham-based merchant, and it has been confirmed that the wines on the tasting menu will be:- The Courtesan Riesling, One Chain Vineyards
– Bodegas y Vinedos Merayo, La Tres Fila Mencia
– La Felicette Grenache Noir
– Iona Chardonnay, Eldin
– La Felicette Geanache Blanc
– Pecorino, Terre di Chieti
– Stella Bella, Pink Muscat
– The Pugilist Cabernet Sauvignon, Langhorne Creek
– Zuccardi Serie A BonardaThe forthcoming wine tasting event underlines Montpellier Lodge’s status as the ultimate unique dining experience in one of the most reputed bars and restaurants Cheltenham has to offer, with its Menu of bar & restaurant, quality, designed by Head Chef, Kevin Harris, trained with Raymond BlancRestaurants CheltenhamThe Lodge itself was formerly the residence of the Montpellier Gardens park keeper, adding to its sense of history and unique character which is intrinsically linked to the site. A large scale renovation, including the addition of a courtyard and conservatory, led to the opening of Montpellier Lodge in 2015.While a wine tasting will lend itself perfectly to the ambience of Montpellier Lodge, there are also many other occasions which are regularly held at the venue, from weddings to milestone celebrations, parties and functions, making use of the three private rooms, as well as the restaurant.So make sure you book your places early for what promises to be a thoroughly enjoyable wine tasting event at Montpellier Lodge.

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