Restaurants in Cheltenham


Restaurants in Cheltenham

We’re deeply rooted in the local area, from our beautiful location all the way through the South West inspired dishes and locally sourced ingredients, and we’re proud to call Cheltenham’s Montpellier our own. We even took its name! Every dish served at Montpellier Lodge is a tasteful fusion of the traditional and the new, from our take on South West staples to exquisite Mediterranean cuisine, we have timeless tastes for every palate.

Gorgeous location

One of Gloucestershire’s jewels, the Georgian area of Montpellier recalls the grandeur and sophistication of that era, with sweeping colonnades, pristine white facades and ornamental parks galore. Home to some of the finest restaurants in Cheltenham, as well as some of the city’s most refined shopping it is the perfect backdrop to any lunch with friends or romantic evening meal. Situated in the historic former park keeper’s cottage, Montpellier Lodge embodies every inch of the Georgian character and charm of the area, while bringing it up to date with the latest fashions in food and drink.

Local specialities

A variety of seasonal dishes are on offer to perfectly accompany any time of year, our locally sourced produce is reflective of the farming heritage that underlies our Gloucestershire roots. With ingredients sourced from all over the South West, our menu is constantly changing in order to reflect the best the local area can offer at any time of year, with fish direct from the Cornish coast caught the same day. We also have a variety of dining options available, from set menus to snacks, so we can guarantee to be able to cater to any need to the same high standards we have come to expect.

The drinks selection

Food is only the start of your experience at Montpellier Lodge, and our enviable drinks selection is crafted to ensure you’ll have plenty left to experience even once you’ve finished dessert. With a variety of handpicked wines from prized vintages to accompany each course, as well as small-batch spirits from our favourite distilleries, there is an admirable choice of drinks to follow your food.

Local roots

Discover, the finest dining experience, with food and drink unlike any other, Montpellier Lodge would be happy to welcome you to our beautiful quarter of the city. Whether it’s timeless local classics or the finest in continental inspired dishes, our chefs have the skill and conscientiousness to create sumptuous meals with the best local ingredients. Within a backdrop like ours, you’ll find a gourmet’s delight.

restaurants in cheltenham