New Years Eve

New Years Eve

Do you have a New Year’s resolution? Perhaps prosperity and good health is all many of us just hope for! But, at Montpellier Lodge we want to go that one step further…. our New Year’s Eve menu is set to tantalise and whirl you away in many tasting sensations…especially if you book the flight of wine with each course… all set to start 2018 off to a great beginning!

But could the meaning behind our menu choice help you choose a great resolution? Did you know some foods are specifically chosen for New Year’s Eve as a tradition to bring luck and prosperity!

So what does our Montpellier Lodge New Year’s Eve menu really offer this Eve?

Our Leek and Potato Vichyssoise and Poached Scallop starter dish certainly brings the Scottish Hogmanay element to the table, and scallops are a perfect addition here… but did you know that in some cultures eating scallops symbolises the ‘opening of new horizons’….we love it….what a great thought for the start of 2018…

Our Fennel and Juniper cured Salmon brings continuing festive colour to our menu – but did you know fish are believed to be lucky because their scales resemble coins and they swim in schools which both invoke the idea of abundance…

Choosing local, fresh ingredients is a must at Montpellier Lodge and our choice of meat for New Year is the exceptional Roast Strip Loin of Cotswold Beef – eating Beef at New Year is a sign of opulence and an expectation that the year ahead will be one of prosperity and happiness…

Chocolate is known as the ‘food fit only for the gods’. It is common knowledge that a delicious piece of chocolate can lift one’s spirits, especially with our Chef’s ‘Dark Chocolate Delice’ – it makes for the perfect dessert standing alone and adds a touch of elegance when combined with a fine glass of sweet dessert wine.

To complete this menu of taste sensations, we have chosen cheese – one of life’s simplest pleasures and delightfully it is served in a variety of forms, flavours and textures – but can only be enjoyed the most when shared with your love ones and the love of your life…

PS There are chocolate truffles with an expresso martini to really finish your evening off – food really fit only for the Gods!


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