Why is local always best when sourcing food?

Why is local always best when sourcing food?

Here at Montpellier Lodge, we are passionate about using locally sourced food when we cook. This is a growing trend within the food industry as a whole for the many benefits it can bring. It not only allows people and businesses to become part of their local community but also produces a higher quality of food. There has never been a better time to do this in Britain as there are lots of top-class suppliers operating now. We are very lucky in the South West region to be spoilt for choice when sourcing our ingredients!

Here are some of the best reasons to go local when deciding where to get your ingredients from.

It helps support local suppliers

By making the commitment to buy food from local suppliers, you are helping to make sure the fabulous people involved can continue to produce fantastic food to sell. This allows the current generation of farmers or artisan producers to keep their traditions alive for the future. It not only feels good to do this but also helps build stronger communities as a result.

Local produce equals exquisite food

One of the reasons Montpellier Lodge choose to work with local businesses for our ingredients is that it just gives exceptional results. You really can taste the difference in terms of quality and freshness when it is eaten. Local ingredients that have not travelled far simply add a sparkle and zing to any dish that is impossible to beat.

Green impact is key

One of the major responsibilities around food for people now is thinking about the impact their choices have on the planet. Opting to buy food that is out of season and then flown in from thousands of miles away before being driven to its final destination is not ideal. Choosing locally sourced food ensures that you are reducing any environmental impact to a minimum while still getting superb tasting food.

Montpellier Lodge supports local suppliers

At Montpellier Lodge, we are proud to use locally sourced food ourselves for the above reasons. From perfect seafood from Cornwall to prime Gloucestershire meat, our ingredients are always as fresh as possible and help support UK industry.

Based in the opulent Montpellier district, we are one of the premier restaurants in Cheltenham. Our mix of classic fine dining atmosphere and modern, unique dishes makes us the best place to find out just how much you love food again.

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